Marwadi Sewa Samiti protests against dozer operation at Pashupati Gaushala Dharamshala

Published On: November 27, 2022 10:45 AM NPT By: Bhuwan Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has tried to demolish the Dharamshala, Dialysis Center and cow shed operated by Marwadi Sewa Samiti in Pashupati, Gaushala.

Marwadi Sewa Samiti has seriously objected to the attempt to demolish the Dharamshala, stating that they are doing social service by operating Dharamshala, Dialysis Center and cow shed according to the law. It has also asked PADT to stop the demolition plan.

On Saturday morning, the officials of PADT demolished some parts of the wall where the cowshed was located with the help of dozers. When the other part was about to be demolished, the members and officials of Marwadi Sewa Samiti unitedly blocked it. Then the officials of PADT walked away saying that they would demolish it the next day.

After PADT tried to demolish the Dharamshala, the Marwadi Sewa Samiti, which has been serving various societies for the past 82 years by establishing a Dharamshala in Gaushala, has started making accusations. PADT wrote a letter to the Marwadi Sewa Samiti on Friday and informed them to demolish the illegal structures built that are against the agreement at 9AM on Saturday and to manage the materials in the structure safely before that time. The day after the letter was sent, the fund officials reached Gaushala with a dozer to demolish the Dharamshala wall. They even destroyed some parts.

The officials of Marwadi Sewa Samiti have alleged that the officials of PADT are causing unnecessary trouble, threatening them from time to time, and calling them 'thugs', while they are doing pure social service within the scope of the law. The samite has constructed three structures within the Gaushala. Dharamshala in the first structure, dialysis center in the second structure and cattle shed in the third structure. Officials of the samiti said that 120 kidney patients are being given free dialysis at the dialysis center every day. A 30-bed dialysis facility was started at a cost of Rs.1.2 billion with the help of Marwadi Sewa Samiti members.

Kailash Chandra Goyal, Chairman of Marwadi Sewa Samiti said in a press conference held on Saturday, “We have legally entered into an agreement with PADT. We are purely serving the society. However, the officials of PADT have threatened to cause us unnecessary pain and destroy the structure. The officials of PADT have done too much. We are very saddened by this.”

Meanwhile, Revathi Raman Adhikari, the spokesperson of PADT, said that the trust is not completely demolishing the Gaushala Dharamshala. The official said that the business was done in the name of food. "We are looking to destroy only illegal and non-standard transmissions," he said. According to him, the samite was doing business by renting out 19 shutters, selling milk and doing business in the name of accommodation and food in Dharamshala.





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