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All about love

January 12, 2017 22:17 PM Prasuma Rawal

An aspiring photographer Prahlad (Karma) who is going through a recent break up tries to find ways to come out of the tragedy. He is traveling through town, and while clicking pictures at a shopping mall sees a beautiful girl and publishes her picture on a national daily.

The girl named Sasha (Keki Adhikari) had just arrived in Kathmandu from US without informing her parents. But, due to the published picture, her parents find out and she has to return to her hometown, Pokhara. On the way, her car breaks down and she meets Karma who is also going to Pokhara. This is how their friendship begins. The movie is based on their connections which later develop into a romantic love story.

The story revolves around how Sasha tries to help Prahlad come out of his tragedy but he slowly falls in love with her even though he knows that she is going to get married soon. The plot is simple and shows how things can and will change in life. The story revolves around the two protagonists managing to find their ways and makes us realize that love conquers all. There are also hilarious punch lines that keep the audience entertained. The movie is driven by strong emotions and is a must watch for those who believe in love. The cinematography is good and all the characters have portrayed their roles really well making the movie an enjoyable experience.  

The movie is currently being screened at all major cinemas. 

Film: Love Sasha
Director: Prachanda M Shrestha 
Cast: Karma, Keki Adhikari, Shivani Chalise, Rashmi Bhatta, Bikash Joshi, Asif Shah


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