COVID-19 intensifies in Banke again

Published On: August 8, 2021 02:30 PM NPT By: Arjun Oli

NEPALGUNJ, August 8: The situation of COVID-19 is getting worrisome in Banke again. PCR test reports conducted in various laboratories here have shown an increase in the number of cases. Despite the increase in the COVID-19 cases, the marketplaces are still crowded and bustling with people.

Public transport is running without any prohibition while the crowds easily form at government offices, banks and financial institutions and restaurants. Hospital beds are being filled rapidly. According to a report released by three laboratories here on Saturday, 21 new infections have been identified. At Bheri Hospital, 60 samples were tested and 11 people were confirmed infected.

According to the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (DCCMC), Banke, six out of 56 people tested positive in the laboratory of Nepalgunj Medical College and four tested positive at Bageshwari Lab. Of them, 11 are from Banke and 10 from other districts. According to the DCCMC, the infection rate confirmed on Saturday was 15 percent and the overall infection rate in Banke was 52 percent.

Earlier on Friday alone, three laboratories here tested the swabs of 207 people and found 48 infected. The infection rate was 33 percent and overall 27 percent in Banke. The COVID infection rate seems to be rising on a daily basis. As the pandemic continues to escalate, panic has begun again.

Chief Consultant Physician of Bheri Hospital, Dr Rajan Pandey said the number of COVID infections at the hospital doubled in a week. "Until a week ago, the number of patients admitted was 10 to 20, but now it has doubled," he said. "The second wave has not been brought under control but it seems like the third wave has hit already. But we cannot say for sure.”

Nursing Officer Maunata Aryal, who works at the hospital's COVID ward, said that the number of infected people coming to the hospital has increased again. The hospital currently operates two wards- Hall A and Hall B - for the treatment of corona infections.

"We discharged many people on Friday, but the number of infected people has increased again," she said. 


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