Amir Khan hopeful family feud will soon come to an end

Published On: December 19, 2016 04:13 PM NPT

Boxer Amir Khan in his recent US tour to raise funds for his charity foundation was greeted with questions about the public feud between his wife Faryal Makhdoom and his parents and siblings.

However, Amir Khan vowed to ‘sort out’ the family feud tearing his family apart.

He opened up about the situation and assured everyone that all conflict will soon be at an end.

Speaking at a charity gala in Washington, the boxer told Mail Online, “Whatever happened, happened. Inshallah one day it will be sorted out. We want to be one family. It will take time but everything will be sorted out.”

Amir was attending the event with Faryal and their two-year-old daughter Lamaisah. At the event, he drew some laughs as he introduced his daughter on stage, who took the mic to say hi to the attendees.

Recently, Faryal took to Snapchat and spoke out against her in-laws and domestic abuse she had been facing after her marriage. Openly speaking out on the matter, we had a tough time believing that there may be trouble in paradise for the couple.

“Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife,” she said in a post. “What about when your sister-in-laws come to hit you when your husband’s not home and still you don’t raise your hand out of respect for you husband?” she questioned in another post.

Amir married Faryal three years ago in New York and the two have been continuously updating fans through Instagram and Facebook ever since.

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