“I love it when people call me ‘hilarious’”

Published On: June 29, 2016 10:27 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

With over 67,000 followers on Instagram, 18-year-old Lhakyila is InstaFamous. If you follow her on the mobile photo/video sharing app, or if you’ve watched even couple of her videos, you will know why she is so popular.

She basically posts short, funny videos on various subject matters. She mimics people and accents, makes comparisons between Asian parents with those in the West, shows how youngsters are obsessed with Snapchat, and even vents her frustration at seeing people upload photos of them with perfect makeup and eyebrows “on fleek.” She also uploads song covers, which receive lots of positive comments, too.

But her journey into fame wasn’t all planned. “I posted my first Instagram video just to make my sisters’ friends laugh. They encouraged me to make more videos. Since then there’s no stopping at all,” she says.

In a tête-à-tête with Republica’s Arun Budhathoki, Lhakyila talks about her love for making people laugh, why it’s important to do what you love doing, and why she loves it when people call her ‘hilarious.’



How does it feel to be popular on social media? What is the best compliment you’ve received? 
It feels great to have a lot of people who love and appreciate what you do. I absolutely love it when people call me ‘humorous’ and ‘hilarious.’ People don’t call me ‘gorgeous’ much; I think they should!
On the other hand, there are those who berate you just because they can. I just ignore judgmental comments and reactions. I press the block button only when it starts really getting in my nerves. 

Tell us about your posts. Do you plan and rehearse for them? Is there a specific time you shoot your videos? 
I never plan my videos because when I do, it ends up not being so funny. It’s just spontaneous and I shoot as and when an idea pops up my mind. My videos are usually the reflection of my experiences and that of those around me, that’s why so many people can relate to it. I usually use IG video feature that allows you to pause the shooting and resume again when you’re shooting. So I don’t really edit my videos, either. But when I must, I use this really easy to use video editing app called InShot.  

Has being popular on social media served you in any other way? 
I get called in for interviews, like you did today. (Smiles) I have also received couple of offers from different shops and brands to feature their products in my posts…things like that. Of course I would love it if this would be my full time job but then I don’t like to have high expectations because it usually leads to disappointments.

What’s your take on Nepali youth using social media at the moment? 
I feel that most young people today simply try to copycat and blindly follow whatever is trending. They see a bunch of youngsters dancing on YouTube and try to do the same here without even realizing that they can’t even dance. They need to identify what they’re good at and then find the right social media platform where they can best showcase their talent. My only advice is, follow your heart instead of following the trend.

What inspires you? Do you have a role model? 
My inspiration is my dad, as he is one of the few persons I know who can make people laugh without trying too hard. I wouldn’t call him a funny person, but that is why he inspires me. I’ve learned from him that I can make people laugh by simply being me. Both of my older sisters are very supportive of my endeavors, too, and they always encourage me to focus on what I am doing right now.  

What do you do when you’re not making videos?
I’ve been taking swimming classes these days. If not swimming, then I’m somewhere enjoying food.

Your future plans?
I am planning to get back on my YouTube channel. I’m also looking forward to studying Communication in a good Asian university.

Any message for our readers?
Don’t hesitate to eat. (Laughs) On a serious note, do what you love doing with all your heart and someday, somehow it will definitely pay you back. 

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