Nepali workers can return for second stint in Korea

Published On: March 28, 2021 10:16 AM NPT

SEOUL, March 28: The foreign workers including Nepali nationals working under the Employment Permit System (EPS) will be allowed to come to Korea for the second time as ‘committed workers’ even if they change the company that they work for.

A law in relation to this provision was passed on Wednesday, said chairperson of Migrant Workers Union Udaya Rai. Earlier, only those workers who had worked for the same company continuously for four years were allowed to come back to Korea for a second stint as a ‘committed worker’. Despite changing their company, workers will now be allowed to return to work in Korea after fulfilling some conditions.

The conditions include working for the same nature of the company and being skilled in Korean language. The workers are also required to have worked continuously for one year in the company before returning home.

The law passed by the parliament on Wednesday will come into effect after six months.

Likewise, a new law will also allow extension of working VISA for up to one year in case of the failure of workers to come back to Korea or return home due to outbreak of communicable disease or natural disaster.

The ‘committed’ workers will now be allowed to return in a month instead of three months after returning to home country.

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