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Published On: December 2, 2016 03:49 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Nimita Karki Bhandari is the director of Bajeko Sekuwa and the brains and the muscle behind Bajeko Masala. She came up with the recipe for the spices by herself and has used all local products to make sure that she is selling health to her clientele. 

Typical day

Her day starts early at 5.30 am when she wakes up and gives a little time to herself before she starts getting her two daughters ready for school. By 7.30 am they all have breakfast and she drops the kids off to school. She then drives to Radisson and works out for a few hours from where she goes straight to work. They have staff lunch hours from 11.30 am to 12:30 pm where sometimes even she makes the lunch. She makes sure that she wraps up work by 5:00 pm and is home by 5.30 pm everyday to spend time with her daughters who are 10 and 6 years old.

Home life

She is a very hands-on parent who makes sure she has time to help out with her daughter’s projects. Her daughters sometimes go straight from school to her office behind City Center at Kamalpokhari where they have lunch and finish their homework as she wraps up her work. She has only been on the frontlines for two years which makes it difficult for her to devote all her time to work. She is a homebody who would rather spend time at home with her babies. 

She loves to cook and says that her daughters will refuse to have dinner at home if it isn’t made by their mother. Therefore she has the maids ready the ingredients but she does the cooking, which she also finds to be therapeutic. 

Weekends and holidays

The family likes to spend quality time with one another during the weekends and they have scheduled it in such a way that they spend one week at home, playing tennis, watching movies and having lunches together, and the next week they go out on long drives and bond away from home. Every June-July it has become a family tradition go on vacations across the globe. She reveals that her children really loved their last family vacation to Europe and can’t wait to see where they will get to go next.    

Female in the work force

She hasn’t yet faced any kind of gender discrimination at work. She isn’t sure if it is because of the fact that she has a brand backing her up or if it is because she herself is a very straight forward woman who only deals in business and doesn’t linger around talking too much about other things. “It’s more to do with how you present yourself rather than being a woman,” she said. She believes that women have a ‘bargaining power’ which makes it easier for her to deal with people since she primarily handles the purchasing of raw materials for the spices.  

“I believe that doing a business is very different to working set hours. I always know what my week looks like and very rarely will any work suddenly pop up to disturb this schedule,” she said adding that this makes it easier for her to juggle both home life and work life. 


She is a very minimalist person who likes to decorate her space by playing on colors rather than accumulating possessions. She says she could clean her house in 30 minutes if she absolutely had to. This reflects on her workspace too which has white walls and red as the running theme. The red notice boards paired with the red curtains also serves as a reminder that the theme color of Bajeko Sekuwa is red as well. She has decorated her shelf with photos of her daughters and the cabinet has notes that constantly remind her of how much her daughters love her. 

The dark walnut colored desk takes up most of the room at work, which is kept very neat and has no loose papers flying around. All her things have their own place and she doesn’t like it when things are disorganized. On a small shelf behind her chair she has meticulously displayed the spices that she devotes so much time and effort in preparing and packaging. 

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