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Published On: December 21, 2020 01:47 PM NPT By: Rupsingh Bhandari

Youth: an unchanged philosophy of change

Youth: an unchanged philosophy of change

Topping the courage of

Doubtfulness, and trust

Who dares to separate and mingle,   

Experiments and unwraps self

Loses and wins…

But, creates destiny being destinies…

Risks— to evolve more…

A tendency,

Flying against all despairs, frustrations.

Who holds water!

In impossible… flares up song in death’s interview,

Flashing smiles like thunderstorms.

Truth’s bodyguard,

Stand as mountain unmoved, flows like river

Unceasing, wearing fear as slipper

Youth… travels virgin spectrums,

As a spark of initiator.    

Stubborn player,

Who has Mt. Everest’s self-pride  

In the ocean of tears.

Who rejoice in uncertainties,

Hatches dreams in the

Dead end’s cliffs,

And jumps in the midst of the tornado's fire.

Wearing fires wings returns 

The kingdom of hopelessness,

Stepping the rung of failures

Takes the crown.  

Youth is a song of volcano.

Who dances with death to discover life.

Youth: an unchanged philosophy of change.

















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