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Published On: November 27, 2017 09:24 AM NPT By: Dipika Shrestha

You are beautiful

A tight t-shirt and shorts, I’m teasing the sun 
We’re going on a vacation, I’m ready to have fun 

But why’s everyone giggling? Why’s there big eyes? 
Oh, cause I have bulky tummy and thick thighs 
Then floods criticism and comments on my body 
‘Girl, you’re fat, you shouldn’t dress up like that’ 
‘Hey, look at your body, is eating your hobby?’ 

And then comes some advice, repeating it twice 
‘Drink lemon juice and lose weight or you’ll never get a date’ 
‘Hit the gym and sweat, you’ll be slim I bet’ 
It’s annoying but still I have a smile 
You know what, I have a reply 

‘Aww..you care for me but I’m fine 
I love myself as I am 
Nobody’s perfect neither am I 
I’m not embarrassed, I’m not shy 
I’m confident enough, don’t need wings to fly 
You might find me as an object of ridicule 
Never mind, I’m there for myself to say you’re beautiful’ 

you, are,

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