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Published On: July 15, 2018 11:15 AM NPT By: Amrit Poudel



I never thought I would see you
Not even in my wildest of dreams

But there you were, next to my bed
All we had was love to trade
With our minds freed, unchained
You were never to leave
And neither was I
Then there came the sun
You vanished with its scorching light
Leaving your imagery in my eyes
For then I knew, you were not there
Sub-consciously my mind had pondered
To find you, let alone in the dream, it had wondered
I have become a pathetic scumbag
For I see you everywhere
On every angel’s face, I paint you
Their long flaxen hair brings back the memories
Of you telling me how it was to fall in a lump
Their beautiful, kohl eyes, when I see; my heart cries
Bemused they laugh, for they think I am pulling their legs
When we cuddled the first night we met
Our fingers intertwined, we vowed
How would we make each other smile?
Until the day, one would die
I pity we didn’t vow; not to cry
When one would die,
Oh greedy mighty nature, if I were to cut you down
I would, into pieces, into lumps like her hair fell down
For you make me cry, every day I wake up
On the bed, you bring the transient her
And you take her away with you in the daylight
Leaving me in the twilight
Next time you visit dear
Intertwine your fingers to mine
Take me with you, for you are the poison to my smile
An accomplice to my languishing life.


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