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Published On: June 20, 2018 09:00 AM NPT By: Aditya Neupane and Kiran Lama

Yoga for mental and physical fitness

Yoga for mental and physical fitness

Anxiety, depressions, suicidal tendencies are the common mental problems among the youths. To promote mental stability, and enhance physical fitness, many have resorted to yoga. Experts also claim that regular practice of yoga improves both mental and physical health. 

You might have heard about the challenge the Indian Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi, started in an attempt to encourage more people to practice yoga. Also, since the past few years, the world has been observing June 21 as the International Yoga Day. 

My City’s Aditya Neupane and Kiran Lama met up with yoga practitioners and gurus in an attempt to find out the current yoga trend and its possibilities in Nepal.

Aareyaa Shrestha (24)
instructor at Lumiva Fitness Center, Bhaktapur 
I first started yoga when I was 18. My aim then was to reduce my weight. On a professional level, I started working as an instructor three years back. There are various benefits of yoga including weight loss, releasing stress, maintaining body shape and so on. Apart from physical benefits, it also helps people to stay mentally fit. But lately, I have noticed that rather than yoga, the youths are attracted towards other physical workouts like a gym. So to attract the new generation to practice yoga, we can conduct various awareness programs.

Radha Bhattrai (45)
Yoga instructor at Shiva Yog Sadhana Kendra Nepal, Madhyapur Thimi
First, I wish to clarify the significance of yoga. Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning meeting of the soul, family, society, and the world. Most youths undergo mental illness due to the extensive competition present in the society. Yoga is the only medium which can control such mental tensions.  There is no specific age group for yoga, but the youths are encouraged to participate to live a healthier life. However, there is a misconception about yoga among the youths. They carry a delusion that yoga is more fitting for old and sick people. Be advised that yoga is a basic need which everyone, regardless of their age, can practice regularly for a healthier lifestyle.

Santa Man Maharjan (52)
Yoga Instructor at
I think the young generation is health conscious, which is a good thing. I’ve also been practicing yoga for the past 15 years.  The yoga asanas provide dual advantages of maintaining physical fitness and providing positives mental, and spiritual vibes. But zumba is seen more popular among the young people. However, there are specific youth groups who still prefer the traditional forms of yoga.  It’s delightful that these young kids are acquainted with the knowledge of the benefits of yoga. In my opinion, to encourage more youths into yoga, we need to promote the importance of yoga among the youths. 

Swami Anand Arhat (46), 
Yoga teacher at Osho Tapoban 

To stay fit, I started yoga at 18. I have noticed that yoga helps eradicate negative feelings and purify the energy surrounding us. Since 2010, I started working as a professional trainer. I have also had the opportunity to travel across borders to teach the yoga asanas. Yoga is essential to manage a healthy lifestyle. Since many are starting to understand the benefits of yoga, more youths are attracted towards yoga. We can make it more interesting by infusing dance, songs, and other fun activities. In this modern time, people have to go through immense mental pressure. And since there are both mental and physical benefits of yoga, the youths must follow this to keep their mental problems aside.


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