Published On: January 16, 2019 12:41 PM NPT

Years from now...

Years from now...

Years from now

This is going to be a story

A story of your hard work

Our sleepless nights, silent conversations

And my worries

The parts of joy, when we met

For the first time

The parts of sorrow,

When the single point

Stretched into line

Within a blink of eye

The line that turned

Into "highways"

The "highways” that were less travelled

Dividing you and me


Years from now

Our past is going to be a story

The story of two burning souls

which will light up our world

Beginning of few short steps

which will turn into journey of miles

The tale of two passionate hearts

which will have struggled a lot

And made it worth

The hearts which will have found solace

In the promise of a future together


Mishra is a BBA graduate from Nepal Commerce Campu

slammed, years-from-now,

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