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Published On: July 20, 2017 10:05 AM NPT By: Adwiteeya Shiwakoti

Write Me A Poem

Write Me A Poem

“Write me another poem before I go in, make this one about colors”

I went into the surgery hall,
But didn’t make it out alive,
I heard yelling and voices and crying and all,
But I heard one that made me die

“Your mama is gone” it said so harshly
It made me want to wake,
No one spoke to my daughter like that,
And it made my heart ache,

Weeping bitterly my daughter had said
“Mama, yes, I knew you’d be dead,
So I’m not going to waste a single breath,
Talking to one who’s been taken by death”

She turned around and started marching,
Only to stop and to come back crying,
“Mama, I wrote the poem for you,
I wrote it knowing your life was due,
Listen to me from above, please,
Listen to me; this is all I need,”

Her mouth was open and she had started speaking,
Words that made it seem as though she was singing,

“Colors” she said “they are wonderful things,
Some display on the flowers of spring,
They show heaven on earth and are song to the eyes,
Colors, the beauty is one we can’t hide”

They dragged her out and put me in my grave,
But my daughter returned every single day,
Been 90 years now since the age of eight,
And she still comes through the rusty graveyard’s gates
“Colors” she said “they are wonderful things,
They are gifts to humans that only God brings,
They show miracles exists and remind us of how,
Grateful we should be since we can see them ‘till now”

Day after day, as my body fades,
She now lies next to me, in her rightful place,
We can now hear the voice of my granddaughter,
Carrying on where her mother left when she was younger,

“Colors” she said “they are wonderful things,
And to see the best things in life, we don’t have to be kings,
I see what my mother had seen and my grandma too,
I see now that it’s a privilege to know the colors of pink and blue

More time passed and generations as well,
They always come back and always tell,
The wonders of colors and it’s been quite a while,
Since I’ve been sitting in this grave yet I always smile,
When another girl shows what she has learnt and not left behind,
But she does not know this started because I was blind

“Colors” I say “are wonderful things,
I haven’t seen them but every girl always sings,
That with colors around, life is always better,
And how lucky we are that colors will last forever”
Adwiteeya is a student of British School, Jhamsikhel.

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