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Woes of the capital’s commuters

Woes of the capital’s commuters

In the past few years, the hustles and bustles of Kathmandu have managed to eat minds of every denizen here. Due to the traffic constraints, the residents of Kathmandu experience lots of problems while commuting.

Additionally, with every passing of the day, traffic management of the capital is increasingly getting tougher because of the increase in number of vehicles, and the city’s population. 

My City took a walk around town to find out how K-town has been withstanding the chaos while traveling from its residents. 

Various unmanaged road expansion that is going on in the valley is one of the major causes of transportation problem. It hampers the smooth flow of vehicles in the road. Though syndicate has been removed in the country, the government doesn’t have any further plan for transportation management. Still, people are travelling in a harsh manner.



Ashish Gajurel, Trasport and Traffic Engineer

According to the traffic engineering principles, if the population of the city is more than 3,000,000 then the city must contain and urban rail. This is not possible in the present context of Kathmandu. So, we have to manage the road transportation in a smooth manner to reduce transportation problems. The government should focus on comfortable, safe and smooth public transportation to maintain quality transportation management.

vercrowding of vehicles and the ongoing monsoon is also affecting the smoothness of the transportation. To improve the transportation of the valley, we need to promote public transportation. Recently, the investment board has decided to study the possibility of metro rail from Dhulikhel to Nagdhunga. 

Choosing public vehicles in such a chaotic traffic is not a personal choice; many people have no option but travel in public vehicles because they don’t have their own vehicle. I also don’t have a private vehicle, so I have to travel in public vehicles. 

Since these vehicles overload passengers, traveling the bumpy roads of Kathmandu is exhausting. Traffic administration should punish the transportation entrepreneurs carrying people beyond the capacity of the vehicle. As a civilian, I think following traffic rules is the crucial to reduce the concurrent traffic problem. However, many people are not aware about the traffic rule so awareness programs are also equally important to reduce the transportation woes of the valley.  

                                                                     Yuba Laxmi Thapa, Student at Caspian College of Management 

Transportation has become a huge problem in the valley but it is not the people’s choice. There are different people responsible for the problem, including the public and the government. I think the lack of proper management of transportation system is one of the major reasons for the increasing traffic in the valley. I am well aware about the situation and I know it’s not good to cramp people in vehicles, but during rush hours we have to do that. As a driver, I think adding vehicles without expanding the roads is creating this problem. We can promote comfortable traveling if we become aware about the current conditions and follow the traffic rules. 


Bijaya Tamang, Tempo driver 

Yes, I am well aware about the problems that people have to go through while travelling in public vehicles. Still, I have to choose public vehicles only as I don’t have my private vehicle. It is impossible to travel comfortably during rush hours. It’s been difficult to control the situation because of the road congestions and the ongoing unmanaged road expansion. Further, traffic rule violations add fuel to the already worsened scenario. It’s difficult to manage during rush hours, so, sometimes I prefer walking. 


                                                                                      Dristi Tiwari, Nurse at Nepal Health Research Council 

Though public vehicles are usually packed, they are affordable, reliable and easily available. Therefore, most of the people choose them to go from place to place. In my point of view overpopulation, high density of vehicles and unmanaged road expansion are some key reasons for the traffic chaos in the valley. Traffic is a huge problem in densely populated cities like Kathmandu, but I think if we become sensitive towards the issue and follow the rules and regulation of the government then we can reduce the problem. 

Following the simple traffic rule like using traffic light and zebra crossing can help a lot to reduce the problem.

Sagar Rasaili, Marketing representative at Real Fruit Power Nepal

I generally prefer walking. Though we have perfect traffic rules in our country, accidents and traffic jams are caused due to its violation. So, it is really important to make people aware about the traffic instructions of the country. 
I have even called my relatives or taken taxies back home when I don’t find buses. So, just like removing the syndicate, if the government prepares an action plan for the smooth implementation of the transportation system, it will be very good for valley residents.



                                                                                     Binod Timalsina, BBS Student at Shankardev Campus

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