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Published On: July 3, 2017 06:30 PM NPT By: Saroj Wagle

With power comes great responsibility

With power comes great responsibility

I started my new job as a teacher only a couple of weeks ago. Within these two weeks, I have realized that shaping children’s minds is a huge responsibility. I had read somewhere that ‘Gurus stand in a powerful position of spreading knowledge, but they have to realize the true meaning of teaching’.

Students primarily rely on their teachers for factual knowledge and information. A teacher’s kind words can boost the students’ confidence for a lifetime. Meanwhile, teaching is a demanding job as we are constantly required to keep updated information related with our subjects. But there are teachers who do not completely understand the depth of their responsibility, fail to learn new skills, and ultimately make a mess of their profession.

Whenever I see my students’ faces, I see a keen interest for knowledge in their eyes. I have noticed that kids below the age of 15 mostly tend to pick personality traits from their favourite teachers.  My students observe the way I talk, react and respond to them. This makes me conscious that they are learning from me and I have to lead a good example.

At a time when scores of new schools are being launched every year, the quality of education has been degrading with equal speed. Education and teaching have become businesses. Many teachers these days do not take their job seriously, and are only in the profession because they have no better option. The harsh reality of Nepali education field is that it lacks passionate, skilled and devoted teachers.

Children’s minds are like soft clay, you can shape them any way you want. And teachers play a vital role in building their students’ personality. If teachers are not serious about their responsibilities, it will affect the students in the long run.

Therefore, every Guru should understand that the upcoming generation will learn from them. After all, today’s children will affect the overall aspect of tomorrow’s society. To be clear, beautiful ideas coupled with beautiful thoughts can change the world.

The writer is a teacher at Shree Chamunda English Boarding High School, Kathmandu.

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