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Saroj is a B Tech student at Charotar University of Science And Technology, Gujarat, India.

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Published On: August 26, 2018 11:57 AM NPT By: Saroj Basnet

Will you be my spark?

Will you be my spark?

At night, when dark would utter about my fears.
And when my beats stops,
Will you be my spark?
To guard me out through the fear.

At day, when life would be numb due to
Memories so alive,
Will you be my Charm?
To absorb the bitterness of my life.

At home, when the walls will 
Remind me of your face holds the image of yours,
Will you be my wish?
To help me grant a moment with you.

At death, when my soul will 
heed for your name...
and my tears will be dry,
Will you be my Bed?
To help me sleep peacefully ever.

Rather, again at night when  
Dark talks about fear, I’ll discover you in words
And enfold in my rhymes to utter you million times...
without asking you, will you be my poem? 

dark, fear, guard, spark,

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