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Photo Courtesy: Tokkro

Ashish Poudel

Eyes were drowsy

Mind was sleepy

Sky was foggy

A gloomy sad morning

And in amidst of gloominess

A wildflower bloomed

Taking away all the sad with her

Taking away all the pain with her.


Wildflower; magical ether

Wildflower; a love

Wildflower; a life

The morning breeze dances with you.


The song birds chirps for you

The sun shines for you

Every time breeze dances with you

It takes all my sorrows

I feel empty; yet full

I feel weak; yet powerful

In the song the bird sang for us

We dance, we dance and dance forever with winds.


Wildflower my sunshine

Taking all the dark with you

Wildflower my spring bloom

Taking all the love with you

Wildflower oh dear wildflower

You bloom like an ode to love

You bloom with a grace

You bloom with joy

You bloom in my heart

You bloom in the side of the ethereal path.



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