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Published On: January 8, 2019 08:31 AM NPT By: Amrit Poudel

Why should I fly back?

Why should I fly back?

To the land 
Where wonders exist 
Falls, Rivers, Parks 
Skyscrapers, aesthetic towns 
Lamborghinis, Mercedes 
Though I have been part of it for years
My heart still remains stranded 
Gets lost in the crowd of materialistic bondage 
Invisible I remain, my heart never found solace on any Mondays 
Saturdays and Sundays I mostly escape 
Let my soul wander in the places it would go 
If I weren't the captain of my soul 
Captain of my soul?
If it is I or the society 
Which so wants me to excel 
But walk in the path which I never wanted 
Dream of theirs to sing my song proudly 
While I suffer in the corner of the heart with a genteel smile on my face 
Today, while I keep heading out of the capital 
Crossing the hills, and Trishuli on the edge 
And get to listen the stories of people who hid their pain behind happy faces 
The wind calls my name; the river flows painting my eternal pains 
I keep following, fighting with the self 
Myriads of problems, this small nation carries 
My heart cries "There's no such place, pen it on the mountains, the people, the hills "
At least remember your mother wailing on this land of yours 
Strangled in the choices of dreams, I keep heading out on tours 
See the stories unfold, and tears flow 
My heart cries "No knowledge is gained when left home" 
Hey the captain of the soul, give me a reason why should I fly back? 
In the land where self is what my heart lacks!



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