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Published On: May 16, 2020 02:43 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Why does heart never satisfies?

Why does heart never satisfies?

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Why does fear looms in heart even if tides are calm?
Might be it has seen worst and feared that it might come
Believing in tides to stay calm is like a river staying silent in storm
Oh I wonder do it ever someday get a moment to live without sandstorm?

The bumpy roads of life is very difficult to ride
It makes you uncomfortable and take you  through hardships in wide
The people we meet through journey sometimes get faraway with us
And they just move away when two roads takes different path that has meaning only for theirs.

So much of ignorance, fragrance, tolerance, acceptance looms around
Heart once jumped in joy saddens as soon as time takes a different turn when reality speaks with loud sound
So many thoughts are there queuing to solve their problems
It's so difficult to satisfy their heart even if you solve listening to their albums.

Why does heart never satisfies?
It just gets heavier floating in strides
The pain of losing is strong that when you get things the happiness just lose its forms 
Oh is it the tradition of unknown fear that rules in heart and never fights to come out strong?

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