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Published On: June 3, 2018 09:23 AM NPT By: Abhishek Rai Lama

Whom are we fooling?

Whom are we fooling?

Gaze at the stars, stare at infinity
Face the reality!
When everything seems to make sense; 
Does it, in fact, really?

How deep is the deep and 
How high is the high?
Are you convinced with what you know without even a try?
Don’t you think what you have heard may just be a beautiful lie?
A dent in social space we have created 
With made up philosophies, beliefs and ideas both accepted and hated. 
Well, all for the sake of ‘common interest’ is it?
All for the sake to just live by!
Take your time just think what really life is?
A blank page gifted by God’s logos 
Or just an ordinary event in this unfathomable cosmos?
Don’t be scared; seek for the answer, for I believe thinking doesn’t cause you a cancer!
Ask, ‘why are we actually living; 
Isn’t life more to merry-making and grieving?’ 
Search, ‘Beyond the known beyond; 
Is the universe an art, did it all start or restart?’
Finally knock, for in between the things unknown, always lies the door; 
There is always a higher point to score and who is to say ‘less is always more.’ 
Promise to not stop and keep on exploring;
For in the end, whom are we really fooling!?

whom, are, fooling,

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