Published On: September 13, 2017 11:39 AM NPT

Who is she?

She walks through the streets of Kalanki
Her hair tangled, straw and dry
Her oval face shiny and astonished
 It would make a fellow human tail her.

But firmly I applaud the people
Who never dare approach her
Because they know in that case
She will scowl like a bear.

This is her defense for survival
Her eyes clear, bright, there’s a light!
Shooting star shining in the moonlit night,
The beauty it possesses is phenomenal.

Among the bright galaxies, she is glowing above all
Her beautiful face, beauty within,
The best there has ever been,
She gives me hope.

My soul wants to speak
Evoke the spirit of love in me,
By her side, I want to be,
Looks from her eyes, my heart skips a beat.

Nervous body, I feel the heat
The one I see, the one I meet,
She within me, heart and soul sweet,
Fate, destiny, delay won’t keep us apart.

Her eyes, voice, smile all kept in my heart
If I was the moon I'd shine on her path
Take care of the evil 
Hive them my anger.

If I was the sea
I would carry her for miles
Protect her from sharks
And drown in her smiles.

If I was God
I would forgive all sinners
Force mankind to love
Make everyone winners.

If I was rich
I would buy her flowers
Give money to the poor 
In name of her.

If I was a bird
I would soar in the sky
If I was a horse
I would run forever.

In search for her happiness
If I was the sun
I would shine on all of you
Because she is special.

Poem submitted by Aditya Gyawali​

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