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Published On: February 21, 2018 11:51 AM NPT By: Sadhvi Bisht



You are whom I have witnessed. You are you, a hope, an insight, a person, who is close and handy support to my lame walks in the journey of my life. My friend, don’t worry I will also be behind you in every endeavor. I will stand before you when the entire world is against you. I will be your belief, your chaperone. I know you can accompany me for a short period of time. I know you cannot remain solitary from the transformation and dynamism happening in our society.

The time you are with me, you always stay behind me supporting to do better than the best, exaggerating the little things I do and resembling me, myself. My buddy, you never let me lose my identity, my ideals and ethics, or deviate from my ways. You are always a mirror to make me recall what I was before and what I am now. You also grew up with me, always standing and sitting behind me, together through all the ups and downs so far. It feels lousy when I’m not with you but I have made new friends who come to me during the night. I have been intimate with peace, that calms me, the silence of the night which hush fully sings me a lullaby and the moonlight which guides me through my dreams and I do not remain alone during the night, accompanied by these enduring friends.

I think you shifted to a place in our society which is not at all going to be easy. To be stable here, you ought to be familiar with some of our social implications. My friend, you need to learn to be arrogant, do your own, don’t mind what the situation is and what hardship a person is facing, don’t utter pure words from the depth of truth, don’t march forward with the dream of prosperity, don’t put yourself forward to help anyone in need otherwise you will be tagged mad. And do not carry yourself with a pure heart, you will for sure be named a kid who knows nothing! Be materialistic my friend! 

You will ruin your life if you become this generous. Fake as much as you can, this society isn’t the same which once it used to be. So basically, I’m learning to be practical, speak what others speak, do what others do, otherwise I’m sure my existence will be doubted. It was utter nonsense of mine to think of changing the society. I now think of changing myself rather than the social norms. The desire of being happy in the race of existence in this world has left all of us blind. 

Well, I think it is my ill fate that you my best friend is present only during the day so at night I devoid of you. However, I have my new friends to accompany me during the nights. The peace, the silence and the moonlight which are pure, like you and I believe they will be with me forever during the nights.

Lastly my friend, thank you for the yesterdays, the days you stood by me. And thank you for walking with me and paralleling me. 

My only true friend, my shadow. 

The author is a Grade X student at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Sallaghari in Bhaktapur.

is, my, true, friend,

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