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Published On: June 1, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Janardan Karki

Who is God?

Who is God?

There is no God up there. God has no figure and is shapeless. God is just energy. But very powerful energy- the energy that created us and the universe. The energy which is responsible for each and every small action and big actions in the universe. Those who meditate do not meet God. They feel that energy. They get connected with that energy - with that supreme energy. So who are we? We are nothing but just a small packet from where energy can flow. We are alive until we can make energy flow in our body. So where does the energy to us come from? We get energy from supreme energy so we say that we are a part of God. This life is a very short period of time in comparison to the time of the universe.

Let's use some of the energy to get connected to the supreme energy so that we can understand the meaning of life. But there are some restrictions we can't get connected to this energy through negativity. Thus negative beings can never feel the meaning of life. So one has to be positive to understand the meaning of life. To remind this great books like Baghdad Geeta, Ramayana, Vedas, etc were created. Remember we are just a being where energy can flow. And how we make the energy flow in our body determines our life. And this energy flow is controlled by our thoughts. So think deeply how thoughts can affect our actions. Every small action done by us is controlled by the way we think. So if someone wants to change his or her way of life, the way thoughts are put and processed in the brain should be changed. Every action has consequences that may be big or small.

Everything is so sensitive. Nothing is small. One action creates a ripple throughout the entire universe. Either that may be a flapping of wings by butterfly or that may just be the breaking of molecules. The ripple then reaches the supreme energy source. Then the reaction force or consequences of the actions returns. Hence it is, therefore, God can see everything. Hence it is said god is observing every small action we are commuting. Whoever wrote Geeta had a really great and vast knowledge of the entire universe. He wrote in simple language to make it easy for humans to understand and apply. People would not understand the concept of this supreme energy so therefore the title god was given. Just feel the presence of supreme energy and its flow.

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