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Arjeeb is a high-school student at Little Angels' college, Lalitpur

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Published On: June 10, 2018 10:57 AM NPT By: Arjeeb Shrestha

Who be the god?

Who be the god?

Drowning on this controversy I am,
On this mismatch idolism of mankind
Of contradiction of beliefs that wham,
On my mind, where questions are easy and answers hard to find

Hysterical yet crucial be this contradiction
With all of it, there be the continuation of groupism
And gloomy my heart be, with this reality of fiction
As I am a believer, a believer of individualism 

And who that mysterious almighty be?
That people are so consumed by;
Is it Jesus, Lord Shiva, Allah or Buddha?
And which religion to follow? Baptism, Hinduism or Buddhism?

All it lingers, the questions of uncertainty
Of who be the god? Who be the almighty?
Follow one, respect each is all it takes for peace 
But hold my good lad, firstly, god in yourself you be


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