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Published On: November 26, 2019 03:32 PM NPT By: Biken K Dawadi

When you left

When you left

When you left you left with a chaos,
wriggling its fingers
in the deepest chasms
of my heart.
I was gasping
for love and care,
still clasping
that dream, unfair
still was the pain
woven by the hopes
of meeting again,
while you had decided
that the scope
of us together was none.

There were days of tears,
and then nights of hurting,
the pangs burnt fierce,
there was no sorting
between life and death.

Time heals, they said,
and tried to wash away
my brain,
all those lies they made,
you listened, and gave away
all those entries
down the memory lane
with a snap of your finger,
Tell me,
does that stench of hatred
still lingers
in you?
Tell me,
does it feel good
to have made all those empty promises,
those pinky ones,
of getting stronger
and leave them broken?
Maybe someday
you will realize the weightage,
I have realized mine.

Some days I reflect,
I realize,
I understand
where we went wrong.
It started when
we took each other for granted,
and when I realized,
You were what I needed,
But I,
I was not what you wanted.

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