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Published On: April 7, 2018 10:41 AM NPT By: Tejaswi Pahari

What is Life?

What is Life?

Have you ever thought what does life mean to you and what is life exactly to you? Some people think and feel that life is a journey and we should enjoy every bit of it. Some say that life is a precious gift to mankind by the God and so on and so forth. For me, life is a beautiful journey and a constant learning process where we create lots of precious and special memories.

Besides this, what I also believe is the most valuable lessons of our life which any other educational institutions or universities or people in this entire universe can teach us is taught by ‘life’ itself in each and every step of our life every single day. Life in other hand is very uncertain and unpredictable. We can’t predict what will happen next, all we can do is enjoy the moment to the fullest and live our life happily with our loved ones.

Making our life beautiful, exciting and memorable throughout our life is all in our hands. We are our own life makers and destroyers too. Some people are misguided and they spoil their entire life walking on wrong paths, doing wrong deeds, troubling their family members, friends and loved one’s without realizing the pain they are giving to them in return and also those precious time which they have been losing every minute and every second.

Mostly some people don’t give a damn about their life and do whatever they like to do and live the way they wanted. But for some every minute and second of their life is valuable and precious. So, we should always value what we have got because others might not have what we have. Getting life itself is a big thing for which we should be thankful and also getting an opportunity to live it with great satisfaction, happiness, dignity is another great thing. We should always try to make best out of everything what we have got. Nothing should be taken for granted as all the things which we have got is special and we should always try to make every bit of our life special, valuable and a memorable one with all those things from which we have been blessed by with the God’s grace.

Tejaswi is Communication and Branding Intern at Group for Technical Assistance Nepal.

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