February 24, 2018

Well-balanced taste

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: On the ground floor of Central Business Park is a relatively small but cozy space, Kaffee Codes, where one can enjoy delicious delicacies in an affordable price. The cafe was recently passed on to a new administration and with that it has also revamped the menu. The sauces used at the café are all made by the chef and organic. Kaffee Codes gives a special consideration to nutrition and health so the dishes here have a balance in taste and nutritional value.

Pawan Kumar Lama (21) has been cooking for three years now. Having acquired no formal training in cooking, he still managed to become a chef after working since a very young age. Lama has been working at Kaffe Codes for 11 months now and he takes inspiration from Chinese as well as Thai dishes. The chef likes to keep the dishes original, but adds a twist to them once in a while and likes to keep on experimenting for new tastes.

Pad Thai
One of the other famous dishes here is Pad Thai. The basic ingredient is boiled tiger pasta stir fried with different vegetables including carrot, capsicum, chilies, beans, spring onion and spices and garnished with coriander leaves. The presentation alone makes you want the food more. With every forkful of the pasta you can taste the well-cooked spices. It is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Mo:mo Chat
This is the most popular, if not the best, dish at Kaffe Codes. It combines two favorite dishes, mo:mo and chat. With vegetable or meat fillings, the mo:mos are deep fried and dressed with various spices, sauce, peanuts and bhujiya (spicy snacks). The very look of the dish is enough to water your mouth, while each piece of the mo:mo is like a little bomb of well-mixed spices. The dish is available in eight or 12 pieces.

Sanghai Fried Rice
The Sanghai Fried Rice is fulfilling both in taste and in portion. The plate of fried rice welcomes you with a smiley egg. In the dish, cooked rice is mixed with vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, beans. It has a well-balanced taste and a presentable look. It is a safe choice of food for anytime of the day and will give a new taste to rice lovers.


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