Published On: December 26, 2017 08:31 AM NPT

Weight becomes identity

Weight becomes  identity

In this world people are judged on the basis of the numbers they gain on a weighing machine. If I have to say about myself, I am slightly overweight, that’s what my BMI says about me. Keeping all external comments in exception, I don’t mind my fats at all but my insecurities get triggered due to other people. 

Firstly my mum, she always reminds me that I am fatter than other people. Then comes my peers (not all) but some say it directly, “Why have you gained so much weight?” This hits the wall so hard, for a second I console saying to myself, “Who are they to judge me?” 

Then comes my relatives and my community people, they also complain about my excess fat and how it will make me lazy and unable to walk, sit or move in few years. After them comes the fashion industry. I don’t find my size clothes, which obviously makes me wish I was smaller. I am constantly conscious about my clothes and my body while walking down the street. If anyone is starring, I feel they are staring at certain fat parts of my body. 

I have also overheard (sorry not eavesdropping) some people saying, “She is so fat, have you seen her thighs they are so big,” which obviously kills my confidence. 

People say that size doesn’t matter and body-shaming is bad, but they don’t follow it when it comes to practical life. I don’t know about skinny people, but for me, being an overweight person I can see people judging me without knowing the real me, how I am at heart. My weight has become my identity. Aren’t people beautiful just the way they are with or without curves?

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