Published On: December 26, 2019 11:30 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

We hugged for the first time (Poem)

We hugged for the first time (Poem)

And then again we met 

Life came back and was all set

This time the tree was soft

Bearing fruits of lovely loft 


We were near in each other's hearts

The breathe could touch the love of our arts

The nearness of words were magic of its kinds

Oh the tinge in souls were pure of its timelines


We had a role to play

Taking care of seeds to provide guidance as they played

Besides we were humans stuffed with feelings

The scenario was drizzling with cold cuddled as atmosphere shared romantic blessings


As I was in a queue during buffet lunch

She came and said if she could line up before me

I said sure and added that happiness surround whenever she is around me

And she replied saying that she feels safe when she's with me 


We filled our plates with scrumptious delights

Went to the table and sat together dining side by side 

In the meantime I asked her when shall I get to meet her mom

As I wanted to ask her to let me marry her daughter and be with her forever

And she paused for a second and said soon with smile on her lips that was calm

I prayed that soon to come sooner as I cannot wait her daughter to be mine


Time was moving where rain was filled with cold 

The clock never stopped and it was the moment to turn pages of story that enfold 

I went to say her that I am leaving for now

We hugged for the first time knowing each other since ages before parting though it was friendly in nature 

But it was enough to leave a mark in the history of memories of remembering love something as wow


And then again we parted

The eagerness to meet was all set

This time the love was tender

letting it bear the fruits of meeting soon to be together

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