Published On: April 25, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

We are hypocrite

We are hypocrite

Though we demand freedom and pretend that we are carefree

In reality, we have so little freedom to live

We are bound by many rules and regulations

And moreover by our own law that makes us neglect other sides of the sea


If we look at our life we are just a hypocrite

We bound rules to others and in fact, we go against to exhibit

I wonder why we have double standards

Isn't a life of birds and animals having equal rights to live?


I don't get the answers from those who advocate

They are biased and raise voice to dominate

The domination is so extreme that they forget to see what they did to create

Oh please step on others shoes and have mercy on yourself.


I am just a thought that keeps flowing like a river

My words are written that will help to ponder 

Though how much we seem like educated

We are always behind as no matter our inspirations is Plato or Socrates.


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