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Published On: May 2, 2019 12:00 PM NPT By: Faris Shamim

Watching Avengers: End game

Watching Avengers: End game

Here comes one of the most awaited movies. Not only in Europe or Asia but this movie ‘Avengers: End game’ was much awaited by the audience all over the world. In recent years, the Marvel studio has attracted a large number of people through its spellbinding movies. Now the marvel studio has got fans all over the world.

Avengers: End game, this movie was realized on April 26, 2019, Friday. As I had running school day, I couldn’t watch the first show but fortunately, the next day was Saturday and so I and my friends decided to watch the movie in QFX cinema, one of the best cinemas in Kathmandu. Almost all of my friends were a great fan of Marvel studio. We had a great interest in the movies released by Marvel as well as DC.

The fee of QFX cinema was quite expensive but being a Marvel Studio fan, it didn’t matter much though we had to beg our parents for that.

Talking about the movie it was more than it was expected to be by any Marvel fan. The death of Iron man, black widow caused a great effect on the marvel studio fans as no one had expected this to happen, majorly, the death of an iconic hero of Avengers, Iron man.

The movie is really a masterpiece. The cinematography and the plot of the movie are very much appreciating able. The movie consists of many unexpected turns and twists which makes the movie even more interesting.

Finally, I watched the movie which I had been eagerly waiting for. It was really a fabulous movie and is being appreciated by everyone who watches the movie all around the world.

I cannot share much of the content of the movie because it would spoil and reduce the interest of the people who also have been eagerly waiting to watch this movie.

At last, I would recommend everyone to watch this movie because this movie has a beauty which cannot be expressed in words.

Hats off to the writer, producer, director, actors, actresses, and all the team members who helped to produce this movie! Really an amazing movie!!




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