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Published On: October 17, 2017 08:08 AM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

War against ugly people and how to stop it

War against ugly people and how to stop it

Through centuries now, a group of people has been consistently marginalized by the rest of the population. These people have been demeaned, ridiculed, humiliated just for being who they are. I am talking of course about ugly people. My kind of people. 

We (ugly) people have always had to bear the brunt of other people’s anger, frustration, and jokes. The entertainment industry portrays us ugly people as buffoons, dimwits, creeps, and losers.

According to them, ugly people are inherently funny. Probably because most people working in the entertainment industry are bimbos and pretty boys and many people who succeed in real life are below average looking nerds who made them feel inferior in high school but that’s beside the point. 

Recently, there has been much talk on discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, and orientation. Although it is true that many people are victims on the basis of their race, sex and orientation. It is also true that the people who are the victims of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc are overwhelming ugly. That’s because the good looking people can get away with it. The good-looking people get a pass on everything. It doesn’t matter how women, black, and minority you are. If you’re good looking, you’ll go through life swimmingly.

Social workers have done everything in their power to cajole people into believing that poor people, women, minorities are being oppressed. That is an utter, incredible, galling lie and couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, ugly people who happen to be poor, female or minority are oppressed. Handsome people can’t be oppressed, it’s virtually impossible.

If you are good looking, you can get away with murder. There isn’t any phobia or ism for you. Everybody loves them. Sure some idiots may think that they’re dumb because of their good looks. But that’s as bad as it gets.

If you’re dumb you can read a book to get smarter. If you’re too fat or too thin you can work out to get in shape, but if you’re ugly you have to fight with confidence, humor and logic. Life becomes considerably harder when you’re ugly. You’ll be laughed at and ridiculed even if you’re born rich and white and smart. You are forced to have a sense of humor if you’re born ugly which is perhaps the only good thing about it. 

Now, sure some people may say “Well, why don’t you apply makeup?” The reason why ugly people don’t apply makeup is that makeup is fraud. And ugly people don’t want to con other people into thinking that they are something they aren’t. 

Especially boys. Boys, if they are ugly walk down the street without wearing makeup, without washing their face even (I do). Boys don’t want to lie to you, to manipulate you. Boys are honest. Whereas girls: they should be jailed for putting makeups. One of the main reasons why men suffer from heart disease is that they can’t process the fact that their wives, beneath that makeup, are unspeakably ugly or they were cheated in marriage. 

Boys don’t want a sensible or intelligent wife, they want an attractive one. And when they discover that their wives are actually hideously ugly, they can’t take the shock and die.

Some of the most successful and smartest people in the world have been ugly. Yet, ugly people aren’t shown on the media, they don’t have their TV shows, they don’t become heroes. They have to hide their ugliness, which, I think is one of our main characteristics. We should condition people to get used to ugly people. 

Ugly people will always be the majority of the population and instead of spending money on makeup and a good camera; people should toughen up and look at our ugly faces keeping a straight face.

One of the advantages of being ugly is that the only people that respect you are educated people so you gravitate towards them. You also learn a lot because you certainly won’t get a job in TV or Movies or any job that’s related to beauty. Sure, you may get to show your face on some cream commercials or get a role of a rapist in a movie but that’s pretty much it. However, you are forced to think a lot and try to make sense of the world. So you become a thinker.

The greatest writers are ugly. Poe, Dickens, Austen. They aren’t just ugly they’re frightfully hideous. Their loneliness and awkwardness isolated them from the herd and in their quest for love and affection they moved mountains. Some of these people were so desensitized that they turned themselves into a robot. 

Geniuses are disproportionately ugly. So I guess we should be thankful for that. But in recent years, ugly people have more stuff to worry about. That’s because the people at the other side of the aisle: the bimbos, even our fellow ugly people have started to wear makeup and thus, like me, if you only see the world through lenses of TV, we believe that almost everyone is handsome and we alone are ugly.

Ugly people aren’t given much credit for being smart. When we write great books, come up with great inventions, invent new words, all we get is a shrug as if it’s easy for us. However, if a handsome nitwit speaks a 6 syllable word in TV, the audiences gasp a call him/her a genius.

Despite all these obstacles, I’m not worried about us precisely because we’re ugly, for all the suffering we’ve endured up to now has rendered us strong and desensitized. These tall obstacles have been placed in front of us just so we can persevere. And persevering is what we do best. It is in our nature to psychologically battle one ignoring the cacophobes, idiots, and haters. 

We’ve done it throughout history as we’ve contributed in science, history, literature and other important subjects and we will continue doing so now. Only this time on such a big scale that the rest of the world will acknowledge our achievements and give us the respect we deserve. Ugly people are discriminated against is an irrefutable fact. However, we’ll do fine.

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