Published On: September 20, 2017 12:10 PM NPT By: Mohan Gurung

Waling soon to become ‘Pink City’

Waling soon to become ‘Pink City’

Every house in the bazaar area of Waling Municipality must be colored in pink, as per the decision of the first assembly of Municipal Executive held on July 14 in Syangja. 

However, the rule is not applicable in the town’s rural areas. According to the head of Waling Municipality, Diplip Khaand, pink color develops peace and love in human organs as that is why the color is also known as ‘love color’. 

“The power released from pink color helps in developing religious, cultural, social and financial harmony among people. It also minimizes violence in the society,” Khaand said. 
“The Paragliding World Cup is slated to be held in Swarek, in 2020. I want to make sure the participants see the ‘pink city’ when they look down from the sky,” said Kedar Kople, president of Waling Municipality Ward-1. 

Similarly, the Suntala Bari Home Stay in Ward-4 will be painted in orange and the Bajhakot Home Stay in Ward-10 will be painted pink, according to the presidents of the respective wards. 

“We have offered 50 percent discount for the paint. To bring uniformity in the pink color, we have made agreement with the paint companies to produce a special color called ‘Waling Pink’,” said Til Prasad Gaire, president of Waling Nirmand Samagri Bikreta. 


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