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Published On: July 17, 2020 01:09 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Vibrant month of colors: Shrawan (with video)

Photos:Monika Malla/Republica

Amid the pandemic, with the eased lockdown, the fervor of Shrawan has begun. Shrawan is a sacred month for Hindus, the fourth month of the Bikram Sambat calendar. It is known as the ‘month of Shiva’ according to Hindu mythology. During this month, devotees pay their homage to lord Shiva in nearby temples.

It is believed that bachelorettes who fast every Monday of the month will get a husband having matching characteristics to Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, married women fast for the long life of their husbands and for the wellbeing of their family. It is believed that education, trade and agriculture will flourish while fasting on Mondays of Shrawan.

With time, it has become synonymous to the month of vibrant colors—greens, yellows and reds—that is evident as women all over the country adorn themselves in sarees, bangles, glass beads and more in the same. Then, there is applying Mehendi—a form of decorative body art made using a henna paste.

The word Shrawan is derived from Shrawan which means to listen, that is, to understand the essence of religion by listening. The main scripture of Sanatan Dharma, Veda, is also called Shruti. According to the religious statement, Shruti means the knowledge that the sages heard from God and imparted to the common people.

Special importance is given to the first day of Shrawan also called Sankranti. It has significance as from this day the sun goes south and the day becomes shorter; and the night becomes longer which continues till Maghe Sankranti.

It is customary for the followers of Sanatan Dharma not to eat fish, meat, garlic, onion etc. during this month.

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