Published On: July 17, 2018 10:20 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Venturing out of professional confines

Venturing out of professional confines

Thirty six-year-old Arjun Singh Thakuri introduces himself as an entrepreneur. Undertaking various ventures within his professional confines, he has been contributing to social welfare through various mediums.

Originally from Makwanpur, he started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2006. He started with an IT company, Access Keys Pvt Ltd., where he has spent more than a decade as its founding director. He also operates other companies: AccessPress Themes Pvt. Ltd, Eight Degree Themes Pvt. Ltd and Access Keys Training Academy Pvt. Ltd. which are all based in Kathmandu. Furthermore, he is also associated with Adhyay Retreat Resort and has collaborated with Wilson Academy.

In an interview with My City’s Sonam Lama, Thakuri talked about the experiences and challenges of his professional venture.

How has Nepal’s IT scene developed over the years? 
IT is a growing industry worldwide, and Nepal is no exception. Reflecting on the developments of the past two decades, you will find that a lot of advancements have taken place in the work system. In today’s context, IT is connecting people regardless of their individual identity. The positive developments have inspired IT to become one of the most coveted jobs.

IT also demands work flexibility. We work with national and international clients across the globe. Therefore, it is important that we are flexible to ensure professional growth and increase work productivity. I find the current trend of job-hopping affecting work productivity.

IT is perceived as a male-dominated work domain. What is your say on that?
From a general overview, it is obvious that the number of females employees is less, compared to that of males. The number of males outweighing the females in the professional environment is a common scenario. However, this certainly does not imply that IT is a male preferred area. More than gender, I believe in one’s determination, creativity, and flexibility. I have also come across various cases where the work efficiency of female staffs is higher than that of their male counterparts. 

You seem to be simultaneously juggling different professions. What is the most challenging?
Every initiative that I have taken so far is the results of my personal childhood aspirations. Everything I handle portrays my motive, and will. But, apart from all, handling the resort and hospitality industry is fairly more challenging than IT and education sector. The hospitality industry is more diverse, and each client holds their unique subjective viewpoints. 

It is necessary to understand that juggling different professions is a challenge in itself. Every work, no matter how different it may be, requires hard work, perseverance, and determination.

What are your contributions towards the society?
Growing up in Makwanpur, I wanted to pursue medical studies. The fact that I could not turn it into reality inspired me to empower youths and locals of my hometown. The school that I have been engaged with has been providing education and scholarships for the underprivileged pupils. Also, the resort has been providing employment opportunities to the locals of Makwanpur.

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