Sunil Dangol

Published On: June 22, 2017 12:10 PM NPT By: Sunil Dangol



Light seems so dark to me,

Sky seems so unclear.

I'm dreaming with my weak vision,

Covered by fear.

I see people redefining pain,

I feel pain redefining people.

Humans claimed to be the only creation.

Yeah, who are wicked on evil foundation?

“Life cannot be judged by the gun and it ain’t fun”

Unless Ignore the Ignorant, "Kill the Unborn"


Shackled, Chopped and betrayed within without,

Behold those ‘Spirit’ helpless who once fought.

For you; For glory, now living on the edge,

The book is read but is losing pages.


It gets difficult to close these eyes,

Don't know what goes wrong when it's dark.

See it's more difficult to open these sights,

Blood refusing to run and senses hitting hard.


Know life is a tapestry of the mess,

As clear as water and as true as death.

No one gives so freely as advice,

Nothing affects the fools; Truth or Lies.


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