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Published On: April 7, 2019 02:45 PM NPT By: Faris Shamin

Value relationships in life

Value relationships in life

Most of us think and believe in having more money and other materialistic things in life can make us happy and satisfied. However, I believe this thinking is one of the biggest mistakes we make in our life. Nevertheless, it might be correct to some extent. And if it is the whole truth, then we might not see many people having everything but being in grief and alone.

Our life has been based on goals; one after another. Yes, I agree with this statement and following goals helped humans to get great achievements. But, alas! This tendency of meeting other’s expectation of gaining materialistic things in life and thinking them as the value of life. We have shifted our focus from the most important aspect of humans—relationships.

People slowly and gradually started getting absorbed in this materialistic world. People don’t value anything more than material or luxury in today’s world. People have completely forgotten about relationships these days.

For example, people have forgotten the importance of the relationship between husband and wife. When both husband and wife come home after their jobs, they get little time together. Even in this short period of time, they don’t tend to spend their time together or with family members. They keep themselves busy with their office related works. It is same with the relation between parents and their children, between siblings and etc. This has become one of the most emerging problems in today’s society.

The value of relationship has immensely decreased in today’s society. People think that money is everything, money can buy anything. But the truth is that money can only buy something that is materialistic. Money can’t buy happiness, love, satisfaction, joy etc. Money can’t buy the feeling or emotions of someone. These immeasurable things can only be obtained through relationships.

If I ever got a chance to stay in the primitive age, I would definitely go there without any hesitation. I believe in a balance between pursing relationships and material things which are the two sides of a coin. And these two should be kept in balance in order to make our life happy and prosperous.

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