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Using film making as a tool to express thoughts and experiences

Using film making as a tool to express thoughts and experiences

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Anish Jung Thapa and Nimesh Shrestha are not just cousins but also business partners. They found Fun Revolution TV two years ago on YouTube.  Twenty-nine years old Thapa became instrumental for 25-year old Shrestha to be in film making.

And they have been working in film making for around a decade now, giving employment opportunity to four other creative people.

Together, they create contents that are humorous and satirical. They both have completed their bachelor’s degree from Oscar College of Film Study. Meanwhile, Shrestha has won special jury member award for his short film 'Heaven is Black' in KIMFF and in year 2016 for the same short film, he won audience award in Toronto Nepali Film Festival.

About him being in film making, Shrestha shared, “I was kind of a comedian in school and always wanted to create own comedy show. At that time, ‘Dai’ joined film college that later inspired me to join the same.”

Moreover, they chose film making as a tool to express their thoughts and they also realized that film is a strong medium to convey the same. When asked why they chose YouTube as their platform, Thapa explained, “Film helps to change people’s perspective and it is a very impactful medium. To create a feature film, it takes a huge amount of budget and YouTube has helped us to learn different aspect of film making from budgeting for a film to filming techniques. And we can document our content on it which helps us to create our portfolio for the future.”

Their main challenge is the competition with mushrooming YouTube channels where they are focusing on quality over quantity.  When asked have their ego ever come on their way while making videos, Thapa said, “In the past, I used to see faults in other but now I can identify what is right. And ego doesn’t bother you when you know what is right for the situation.”


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