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Published On: January 27, 2020 01:42 PM NPT By: Republica

Unusual phobias people have

Unusual phobias people have

Defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that involves an extreme fear of something. There are many weird and unusual things people are afraid of.

Triskaidekaphobia- You might be aware of the infamous superstition surrounding Friday the 13th. However, few people fear the number 13 itself. The fear of number 13 is named Triskaidekaphobia.

Optophobia- Do you give any considerations or think anything before opening your eyes? Most of us probably don’t. To us, opening our eyes is a very thoughtless and simple process. However, some people are fearful of opening their eyes. The fear of opening one’s eyes is termed as Optophobia and it’s generally linked to genetics or exposure to traumatic events.

Arachibutyrophobia- In our minds, peanut butter comes off as a pretty harmless thing. But the sufferers of arachibutyrophobia are petrified of peanut butter sticking to the roof of their mouth. 

Siderophobia- Looking up at the clear sky and gazing at the stars during night-time sounds like a wonderful pastime right? Well, not so much for the people who suffer from Siderophobia. These people have an inexplicable fear of stars.


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