Published On: April 2, 2019 12:28 PM NPT By: Tejaswi Pahari

Unfolding the true tale

Unfolding the true tale

Suna Saili Saili Pardesh Bata Ma Aula...

Suna Saili Saili Chalish Katesi Ramaula…

This song created a buzz in Nepali society touching many hearts and souls. As an audience, I connected with its story which is relevant and prevalent in our society. In the music video, it depicts a story of young couple where the man is  leaving behind his beloved to earn in foreign land.

There are many Saili’s in our society and there are many Saila’s, who have their own story of hardship and sacrifices. And due to the lack of oppurtunities here, they are bound to migrate to foreign land with a hope for thier secure future. But then, imagination and reality at times is absolutely different and sometimes many hopes, desire and dreams turn into hopeless bitter reality leading to negative consequences in people’s lives.

The makers of ‘Suna Saili’ song recently came up with the full fledged feature movie 'Saili' that has been successfully running in cinema halls around the country. The song had definitely been able to create a powerful impact in all our minds. And the movie has attracted audiences to the cinema halls and I was no exception. Since its promotion, its makers cleared that the story in the movie is different from the story line of the song.

In the movie, the comic timing of actor Dayahang Rai is exceptional and his dialogue delivery too makes the audience laugh and giggle. Actors Gaurav Pahari and Menuka Pradhan have depicted realistic performance showing their versatility. Menuka is successful to get the audience’s sympathy.



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