Published On: May 16, 2019 05:49 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

#Underground Episode 1: Sunil Maharjan

#Underground is all about exploring different musicians and their journeys in the field of music. In this episode, MyCity features Sunil Maharjan, one of the founding members and guitarist of the metal band Dead Mariners.

Maharjan is already from a musician background. That's why he considers the music is in his blood. Aside from performing music, he is also a graphic designer. 

The singer has been around for over a decade. He considers Iron Maiden to be that inspiration for him to do metal. “Iron Maiden made me love metal music. Due to that worship, I would learn Iron Maiden songs and perform as a band. And, we were good!”

As asked how good the band was in terms of Iron Maiden songs, Maharjan replied, “During our early gigging days, not so many bands used to perform Iron Maiden songs. And, the song 'The Trooper' was already like our national anthem. We could perform that Iron Maiden song anytime anywhere.”

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