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Published On: May 28, 2018 09:49 AM NPT By: Aman Poddar

Ugly Thought

Ugly Thought

Every instant numerous thought come in mind
And ugly thought dominate the one which is so kind
In those time we need to be loyal to ourselves
So, stonger ugly thought might wind.

We make thousands of choices every single day
But we fail to take every choices consciously everyday
Because our  thought of mind dominate our heart
And we crippled like one who is badly suffering everyday.

Every time we are suffering from mental tension
Due to deficiency of good thought to mention
No one is there for you as mentor 
So, be honest and try by yourself for best conception

Being the most intelligent animal as human
We have to work with patience for no more rumors
There will come a time when we have to be gentle
And show our humanity to our dominating ponder.

At the end, winning may not be confirmed every time.
But learning how to deal with different thought is confirmed every time.
Although you are discourage with your timely thought
Have a belief upon yourself that you are courage enough to win every time.

 Poddar is a student studying in grade XII at Golden Gate Int’l College.


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