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Published On: March 23, 2021 02:34 PM NPT By: Rupsingh Bhandari

Twilight’s Birds

Twilight’s Birds

A bunch of birds 
Into the sky were cawing 
Flipping back and front against the evening wind,
Some were trying to balanced 
My heart as well as was floating higher than them 
In a hazy recollection of my past. 
On the perch of leaves less winter tree 
A couple of pigeon were sitting tacit,  
The silence of the couple was 
Reminded my grandparent’s perseverance.  
Inside the rose’s tree,
A couple of sparrows were hurrying for 
Evening food... seemed like my parent
Coming back home from field… 
The quarrel of crows,
Inside the bamboo’s tree 
Retold my childhood’s freedom in the rosy twilight 
With my siblings. 

The twilight’s birds always 
Steal me from my toxic evening. 
Rupsingh Bhandari 

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