Published On: April 29, 2022 02:43 PM NPT By: Samiksha Shrestha

Twenty One

Twenty One

Twenty one Turned 21, but I haven't grown up much,

I'd be successful, but wait that's just a hunch,

Lately, I have realized my life is nothing but a pun,

 And that the world continuously spun,

Dizzy in these rapid circles of chaos, I found myself in a different cosmos,

I can't figure out the realm,

Whether it's Asguard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, or anywhere in Muspelheim,

I also couldn't be sure if I'm really in Midgard,

Oh! Odin, King of Asguard, I think reality hit me hard,

 I assume it's time to act like Loki to achieve my aim,

Because being just normal me,

I have nothing to claim,

As I turn old I wanna see the multiverse,

With no specific rule and with dimensions of the universe,

I wanna see my other variants,

I be the master and others the servants,

Whether I'd be the hero or the villain,

The story goes on, without nobody chillin',

At last, everybody has their demon,

I've got one too, hiding inside for a different reason,

Being Betrayed each and every time,

I've learned the lesson,

Achieving a goal may seem beautiful but reaching out for it makes you bleed,

Made bad decisions, I've regretted my deed,

Well but I still have time for correction,

All of a sudden, my mobile phone rang,

There was no tesseract, scepter or TemPad,

I thought what could go more bad?

Unless I realized I was on the same old planet after the 'big bang'.

I laughed alone, I still am not out of the series's hang,

But hey I got a spoiler, I may be working on my nexus event,

Let's just remember what my plans meant,

Yet, so bound upon that single intent,

Now, crossing the phase of 21,

In this regular world, I still haven't found my glorious purpose,

I convey that I'm nervous and messed up by this world like a circus.

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