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Published On: January 28, 2021 09:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Turning pages of manuscript

Turning pages of manuscript

I had just finished writing a story about you and me
We know that we don't talk but had some kind of chemistry
I was wondering but with hopes of your  presence while turning pages of manuscript
And suddenly I hear my phone ring and looked at it and it was from you my sweetie

Was it a coincidence or was it a destiny
I picked your phone and talked gently
I said I had just finished writing our story
And you asked me did I hear what you just said correctly?

I was speechless and pondered am I daydreaming
I couldn't believe of what just happened and lived the moments in alacrity
You then said that someone appreciated my writings and mused how do he gets words so wonderfully
I said you should have said that the source of words for his writings comes from me

You said how could I tell the truth so just let it be a secret forever
As some secrets are to be lived between us and not to cherish with whosoever
You said it's so good to talk with me so don't get lost Mr writer
I said I don't want to get lost as it depends on your decision my lover 

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