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Published On: October 31, 2019 02:35 PM NPT By: Republica

Try it once on your own

Try it once on your own

Dear Sadichha,
I am a 30-year-old guy. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but ever since the day I have come for my master’s studies, I have started liking my professor. Sometimes I feel she also treats me in a very special way, special than the rest of the students. We don’t have many gaps in age. I believe she is in her late 30’s. I am waiting to confess my feelings to her. Do you think it’s appropriate?

I also can’t really say if it is a good or a bad thing but I feel like if you have really come for your masters to study then you really need to focus on that. I believe you do not need any distractions at the moment. I would like to say that you shouldn’t assume things, so if you feel this way about her maybe you could talk to her. Don’t assume that she also must have feelings for you because assumptions will only make it complicated.  We are only humans and not everybody takes rejections very easily so if you want to confess your feelings towards her and she doesn’t feel the same way about you then I feel like you might get hurt and be distracted. Even if she does feel the same way about you, I don't think the college will allow a professor dating a student, so either she will have to quit her job or you will have to quit your studies and I don't think that is a very good idea for either of you.


Dear Sadichha,
I am a 25-year-old married woman for 2 years now. We live in Australia. I have always wanted to be a model/actress. I had even taken part in beauty pageants. I always dream of myself in a world full of glamour but my husband doesn’t support me in this. Sometimes I just feel like I should pack up and came back to Nepal to start my career. What should I do?

Sometimes we might feel like running away from our problems. it is like solving a problem but it will not do so! Hence, if you really do want to be a model or an actress I think you should try it, you should go for it. However, let me also warn you that it will not be easy, it will be very very challenging and difficult at times and during those times, if you have the support of your family, it makes it slightly easier. So, why don’t you sit down with your husband and explain to him why do you want to get into this career or maybe do some research on your own, get some work and show him that you are really good at it? Maybe once you try it on your own and see how things work, you will also see what the reality is.


Dear Sadichha,
I am a 30-year-old unmarried man working as a marketing officer. I have been in a relationship with a girl for the past 10 years now. Both of us belong from a different caste due to which my family is having difficulties in accepting her. However, her family has accepted our relationship. Time and again she asks me about our marriage. She wants both of us to move abroad for a better-married life. Since I have a well-paid job here, I don’t want to go abroad. I am really confused.

 10 years is a long time and I feel like it is only natural for the girl to think about getting married having a life together with you because of the 10 years relationship that you have. it is great that the girl's family has accepted your relationship but it is also equally sad that your family hasn’t. If your family is having a difficult time accepting her I think it is your duty to explain to your family the importance she has in your life and how important the relationship that you have with her is. I also feel like the reason she might have suggested moving abroad for a better-married life is that your family doesn’t accept her and the relationship you have with her. So, if you can convince your parents that someone’s surname or caste doesn’t define who that person is then maybe she will see this initiation that you took as a sign of love and respect you have for her and maybe she could dream of a future with you here in Nepal itself and then you might not have to leave the job that you are happy within Nepal.


Dear Sadichha,
​I am a 19-year-old guy and I play bass in my rock band. I assembled those guys and made a group. For a couple of years, we are only doing cover songs. However, I want to do some originals. I even talked with them but they always disagree because they think they are having fun on what we are doing now. I don’t know what I should do. Should I leave the band? I really love those guys. There are like brothers to me.

I feel like this decision completely depends on what is important for you, is your dream of doing an original song more important or the relationship that you have with your band members, is that more important to you? If you have some great songs for some great original tracks then you can suggest that the band can maybe take some time out to try them out. Your bandmates might also be afraid of failing and maybe that is the reason they do not want to do the original but if you can convince them,  encourage them that they can take the risk then maybe they would agree to it. So, don’t give up so easily on your dream of doing an original song. Good luck! Since you guys are young, now might be the right time as you are not occupied with a lot of things. 


Try, it, once, own,

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