Published On: December 31, 2018 08:13 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Travelling to Pokhara on foot

Travelling to Pokhara on foot

 Nani Kaji Maharjan travelled to Pokhara on foot from Kathmandu,alongside the elderly people in his community. The purpose behind the travel was providing helping hands in the construction of Mahendra Pul (bridge). He was just 17 then. According to the retired army officer Maharjan, it took around 7 days for them to reach the destination. He worked there for two months and quoted monthly salary was two rupees and fifty paisa only. “Back in our days, we were physically active. We always preferred to travel on foot. This might sound like a like a fairy tale to young people of today’s generation that I went to Pokhara on foot. Because people these days prefer travelling in sophisticated vehicles,” says Maharjan. “Moreover, lifestyle and food today are also unhealthy compared to those back then. Getting organic foods have become very rare these days. Most of foods are grown using pesticide.”

Maharjan says, “I joined the army back in 1963 AD. The salary then was Rs 45. I was appointed as a sergeant in 1990. I retired from Nepal Army after the ‘Royal Massacre’ in 2001.” He has been enjoying a retired life. He is 73, but still is energetic and healthy.

Text/Photo: Kiran Lama


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