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Published On: March 2, 2021 01:10 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Travel through anthologies

Travel through anthologies

I go crazy as mad
When she doesn't reply to my questions
She changes the topic
And I am left to be drowned by my emotions

I want to go away to protect myself from experiencing havoc
But she doesn't let me go nor let me in and I am left as a duck
It's hard and I want to come out of this  maze
Only if she clears my way by pouring her heart to mine

or abandon me where she has to promise to never come to my gaze

I've tried my best to ignore her
But heart once awakened can't easily forget those memories

but keeps recurring even it's blur 
Oh how painful it's to go through all these
But I am left with no choice than to travel through anthologies

I wish I could spend my lifetime with her
I know she isn't perfect but still I love her
I am surprised of myself of how far we have come in the journey
But still I am hopeful that someday she'll accept my proposal

and be my wife and we shall sail together in the voyage of beauty

crazy, mad, slammed,

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