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Tourism in Ilam

Tourism in Ilam

ILAM, Oct 23: Visitors from across the country plan to visit Ilam to enjoy the scenic view of Kanyam’s lush landscape and tea gardens. Sunrise and sunset from the location are also equally fascinating. However, relishing to the views of the snowcapped mountain ranges is less acknowledged at llam. Nonetheless, the mystic mountain of Ilam is overshadowed by the tea gardens and agro-tourism.  The majority of visitors are apathetic to the features the further hills flaunt. 

With the advent of autumn, the visitor gets clearer views of the mountain ranges from a number of spots, including Sandakpur, Chintaphu, Kanyam, Antu Dada, Deuarali, Rake and many others. Tourism season lasts from late September to November. During this time bracket, the city witnesses a high influx of local and international tourists.  

From Sandakpur, the highest peak of the district, visitors get a clear view of the mighty Mt Everest and Kangchenjunga. Ghan Shyam Gurung, a local resident of Maimajuwa admitted that most the people didn’t know about the picturesque view of mountain ranges from Ilam.  

India has been promoting the Sandakpur as the only point, connected Nepal, which provides a view of Mt Everest.  As a result, Indian tourists visit the location in masses. Along with the general public, VIPs of western countries also visit Sandakpur, via India. 

Tourists have to pre-book for accommodation. According to local entrepreneurs, tourists have already started booking hotels. “In this season, tourists can enjoy the majestic view of sunrise, hangout in Antu Pokhari, and observe the process of tea leaf picking,” said local homestay business person Gharadi Ghimire. 

Tourists from all across the globe visit the district to observe the culture of Lepcha Community of Antu and Samalbung. The place is also famous for its chilly weather. According to local entrepreneurs, tourists prefer home stay rather than hotels. The cost varies from Rs 150 to 500. Entrepreneurs claimed that eight to 30 people stay at homestay of Antu. Local Resident, Dhana Kumar Aale, informed that tourist of this place mainly belongs from Ilam, Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari and even from West Bengal of India. According to him, the influx of tourist has increased after September. Along with Antu Hill, Sadakpur, Mai Pokhara, Kanyam, and many other places of the district have started receiving a good number of tourists this year.

Entrepreneurs of Ilam use local products in the hospitality industries. A typical Nepali platter is a preferred food by the tourists. The dish includes pickle of fermented spinach, steamed rice, chicken curry, and pickle made with local ingredients. 

“Tourist can also cook their food. Some cook local food as well,” said Rudra Ghimire of Antu. “This is the best season for tourist. So, sometimes, we have to deal with numerous tourists and it’s really hard to manage all of them,” he added. 

People have started operating homestays in the city area as well. Though Balan village has been developed into a homestay hub for the convenience of tourist, they prefer to visit Antu. 

Tourist can enjoy homely environment in homestays, it has become a good attraction for tourist. Tourist can observe red panda in the Community Forest of Sadakpur Rural Municipality. Most of the tourists visiting Illam are from Nepal and India. Now, the government is looking to establish one Immigration Office in Pashupatinagar of Ilam looking to further boost tourism of the region.

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