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Published On: June 28, 2018 08:26 AM NPT By: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

Together till the end

Together till the end

Rain, or shine, you will find the husband and wife duo of Prem Chaudhary, 52, and Geeta Devi, 48, selling fresh fruits to passersby at both sides of the street in Babar Mahal.

Originally from Bihar, India, the couple has been in a matrimonial bond since 1983 and working as fruit vendors ever since. Like in most arranged marriages, the couple spent the first few months shying away from each other. Refreshing the memories of the past, Prem Chaudhary explained, “We did not talk in the beginning stages of our marriage. It took us time to really know each other but ever since then she has been supporting me.”

The couple has five children, and they are proud to have married off their eldest daughter in spite of the constant market inflation in Kathmandu. Chaudhari further described how the couple has had to fight against financial hardships. He stated that the municipality was always keen on confiscating their goods, and the accident which caused his wife to fracture her collarbone added to the misery.  

The couple had to halt their business and go to India in hopes of better treatment. As we were talking on one side of the road, the middle-aged Geeta Devi slowly crossed the road and joined our conversation. Devi in a poised tone stated that they’ve raised their kids despite their modest income source. She also complained that she was disappointed by her husband’s drinking habit.

In reply, Prem Chaudhary was seen trying to impress Geeta Devi. “Well, my leg hurts standing here all day, so I find a little solace by drinking. However, I must admit that my wife cooks delicious food. Even after a hard day’s work, she prepares the meal for the entire family,” he added.  

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